About the company and its products

Cap Squad Poland is a family-owned company that produces unique lifestyle caps. It is a new brand characterized by an exceptional design and the highest quality as only certified fabric are used for production. Caps from Cap Squad are for all those who love to commune with nature, actively spend leisure time, love challenges and have inexhaustible layers of positive energy. For these people we wanted to create unique caps highlighting their lifestyle.

The company was founded in late 2015 by Tomasz and Marek, who met through a mutual friend, from whom they bought embroidery machines. They decided to take advantage of shared experience, passion and great family traditions to create a company offering Polish product like nobody did never before. When great family traditions are mentioned, one should start from the very beginning and go back to the end of the nineteenth century when this incredible story begun.



Long, long time ago…

So the story begins with a tale of these two hard-working women. In a small village of Kurow, in the Lublin province, where battles were fought during the national uprisings, a girl named Marianna was born in 1880 – she will become Tomasz's great-grandmother. Fourteen years later, on the other side of Polish border, in the city of Poznan, Marek’s grandmother Agnieszka was born.


In 1924, two women became owners of the Singer sewing machine. As they have become increasingly adept at sewing they passed on this skill to their children - great-grandmother Marianna to her daughter Karolina and great-grandmother Agnieszka to her daughter Stefania. The later eventually was hired at the Grand Theatre in Poznan to design and sew performances’ costumes.


In the third generation Karolina handed over the Singer machine to her daughter Janina. This talented girl was engaged in the resistance movement and helped sew uniforms for the Home Army during World War II. Shortly after the war she moved with her family from Lublin province to Western Pomerania region.


In the meantime, Stefania handed over her machine, knowledge and skills to three of her children, including Hanna, which opened a sewing company producing: bags, belts and plumes.

Family traditions are continued by Janina’s son Krzysztof who will eventually engage in the business his own son Tomasz – now the co-founder of Cap Squad. After almost a hundred years the old machine still remains in the family’s possession.


Tomasz’s business partner Marek also kept his great-grandmother’s sewing machine. Moreover, the equipment after some modification, including addition of the electric motor has been in use until 1995! Most probably since his childhood Marek knew what his future profession will be - when at the age of three he sang his first song “I have an embroidered handkerchief” - seriously! At the age of 24, he founded a dedicated company to the computer embroidery.


In a nutshell this was a story of two families that for generations were engaged in sewing. Shared experiences and a happy coincidence enabled them to join forces and create a new brand. The unique baseball, full and snapbacks caps made by Cap Squad are products whose quality stems from family great traditions and a common passion for history, all being priceless values.

We would like to thank our loved ones - family and friends - for all the help and support we have received in this endeavour so far. Many thanks for all advices, inspiration, and more importantly the patience. Without you all this would not be possible!

Tomasz and Marek

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